Angola’s New Queen: The Controversial Story of Miss Landmine

Seven years ago I fell in love with—and grew to abhor—investigative journalism. My vicious stamina for reporting led me to enroll in Cris Beam’s Tactics of Nonfiction course at Columbia University. Bored by… Continue reading

Future Suri Sparkle Meltdown

As expected, this week’s episode of The Bachelor provided ample trashy entertainment and miles of “unexpected” twists. From the mousey-Marisa-Tomei-look-a-like taking the forefront to Tierra’s sparkle meltdown, the 17th season of unrequited love… Continue reading

Announcing… Wooly Lemon!

Happy New Year to all, especially dearest Classy B*tch readers! In this new year of new opportunities and new adventures, I’d like to take a moment to share my new graphic design company… Continue reading

Dear Santa (Vol. 2)

With the countdown to Christmas underway, it’s easy to tell who in your inner-circle is a planner and who’s a postponer. Though the internet makes last-minute shopping extremely easy, it’s hardly less stressful… Continue reading

Christmas Curios

If you haven’t noticed, Christmas is here! Each day the jingling bells and Red Cross din grow louder and louder, and the pressure to build the perfect holiday nest at home surmounts all… Continue reading

Handsome Jewelry Homes

I’m a rather visual person and after years of housing my jewelry in a stuffy box I decided to make a pin-able frame for my gems (stay tuned for a DIY post!). In… Continue reading

Dear Santa (Vol. 1)

Each year the Christmahannukwanzika season tests its boundaries by creeping closer and closer to turkey day. This year, due to an early Thanksgiving, we’ve fully plunged into the holiday frenzy possibly not realizing… Continue reading

Classy Coats & Schnazzy Scarves

Now that we’re well in to Brrrvember there’s no doubt it’s coat season again! Last year I bought an amazing black coat from Zara. It’s perfectly cut and so gorgeous that I get… Continue reading

Beary Entertaining

Bears have recently become a common subject matter in New York’s public art sphere. Though the above is clearly far from commissioned work, it’s what we’d like to call a not-so-happy accident. In… Continue reading

I Discovered Columbus

Last week I spent some intimate time with Columbus in his living room thanks to Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi. Nishi travels the world conjuring fantastical settings around gargantuan statues and monuments to create… Continue reading